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Updated: May 21, 2021

Getting accustomed to this world can be a real challenge for a newborn and every loving parent tries to create a space where their baby will feel safe. If you don't know where to start with your nursery planning, it may be helpful to choose a theme first.

No nursery is complete without a wall print! The pictures can be either soothing or stimulating for babies. Pastel colours have always been popular as nursery wall decor, but we also have prints that will work well as accent pieces. Cute characters, whether they are from the jungle or the woods, work equally well for girls and boys and will be loved the same even when a baby becomes a toddler. A gender-neutral woodland or safari design with adorable baby animals will make you room feel larger and spark your child's imagination.

Each print is as cute as a button, and your child will smile at it as they grow up. And we all know how fast babies grow! So hurry up and pick your perfect addition to your nursery, because soon your little one will be doing it with you.

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