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Minimalism in baby's bedrooms

Updated: May 21, 2021

The baby's room is the place where you spend the most time as a parent. That's why you want it to reflect your style, but at the same time to be a resting and playing area for your little one.

Monochrome style always looks so elegant and tidy. A nursery cluttered with decorations can be overwhelming for a child, so simplicity is our best friend when it comes to decorating a child's room. Many parents still decorate their kids’ rooms in traditional colours - pink for girls, and blue for boys. Those of you who want to go against the tide and choose a monochrome colour palette that is gender-neutral, will get a charming, minimalist and modern interior for themselves and your little one.

Monochorme style is not only very popular but also is really beautiful. The minimalist decor looks clean and embodies elegance and serenity.

Black decorative elements together with soft grey tones, which add a warmer feeling, balance the white interior and create a harmonious palette, which is very important for the atmosphere of the room. The all-white room needs a simple but, at the same time, dominant element that emphasises the purity of the white interior - the black and white decorations on the wall, which will bring chic and a cozy feeling to the room. If you add a few fine wooden elements to them, you will create a perfect minimalist nursery for your baby.

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